Sunday, October 4, 2009

Check it off my bucket list

Well, I did my 1/2 marathon yesterday (October 3rd, 2009). It was both fun and terrible at the same time. Me and my Jenn have been training for about 2 1/2 months for this. I am not a runner by nature. For most of my life I have hated running. Thus the reason I like volleyball and swimming. But I felt the need to accomplish something so why not run 13.1 miles?

Jenn and I have been running together almost every run since we started. Our goals has always been to run 10 minute miles. I felt good about that.

We got up at 5 am yesterday and Carson, Jodie, and I headed to Lancaster, PA.- about 1 1/2 hours away- for the big run. Everything was good except my knee decided to swell up like crazy the night before.

My amazing and supportive husband had an interview in Arizona so he was out of town from Wednesday- Saturday. He took a red eye out of Las Vegas Friday night so that he could get to my run on Saturday!! What a guy! His plane got in at 6am and he drove straight to my run almost 2 hours away. He got there around 8am.

So we get all ready to run and Jenn tells me we have to run 9 minute miles the whole race to make it in 2 hours, which was our goal. WHAT!???! ! 9 MINUTES! I thought, sure I can do this. Then the race started...

It was good for the first 6 miles. We were staying under 9 minutes, then there was this horrible hill. Running up hill was hard, but running down hill was horrible. My knee has never hurt so bad in my life.

It wasn't great after that. Every mile felt like 3. We decided that the mileage was off. A bunch of runners were asking if they marked it wrong. Maybe we were all just tired. At mile 12 Jenn said we had to run hard, my brain said go legs go, but they would not have any part of it. I told Jenn to run ahead. She ran ahead for awhile and then I saw her run back towards me. I thought she had finished, but she said she couldn't finish without me. What an awesome friend. I felt so bad, she totally could have finished faster. We ran through the finish line together.

2 hours 3 minutes and 58 seconds.

So close, but so far away. I was exhausted. It was a very hilly course and I felt like I was about to have baby number 2. I go between being proud of myself and really disappointed. I really felt like I ran as hard as I could, but I think I could cut 4 minutes off right???

Right after we finished I said I wouldn't run another one, but then this morning I found myself looking for one to sign up for.

All in all it was a good time, the weather was beautiful, my family was there to support me, and I realized that over the past couple months Jenn and I have become pretty great friends.

The Carson Boy

I just think this picture is cute. My little man is 7 1/2 months old. That went so fast. I pretended that Carson could sit up at 5 and 6 months old, but it has really been his 7th month that he can actually sit up by himself without falling over after 5 seconds.

He doesn't crawl or scoot yet but he wants to . He lays on his stomach and gets frustrated or just rolls to what he wants.

I have recently repented of my new 1st time mom ways and I have started being more consistent with feeding him solids. I started on solids (very irregularly) at 4 months. I have still been nursing him every 3-4 hours and only feeding him real food like once a week. For the last 4 days I have nursed him more like every 4-6 hours and he eats all kinds of yummy food. I am still trying to figure it all out. I liked when he would nurse every 3 hours because it was predictable. Now I am not sure when he wants to eat. Is he hungry? Tired? I am working on it. It doesn't help that he is teething and has a cold, we are both all messed up. I am trying.

He now has 2 1/2 teeth. Two on bottom and one coming in one top, it looks like it is almost all the way in. I wish they would all just come at once. Then you could just have 1 long horrible week and it would be done.

He loves to babble, scream, and laugh...a lot of laughing. I love it. His favorite noise is mmmm. He says mamamama and mom all the time. I don't think he actually is saying my name, but I love to hear it anyways.

He wears a size 4 diaper comfortably, but we like to cram him in size 3 to save a buck :)

OH YEAH...He has curls. His hair was looking wavy about a month ago but we were not sure. Now when we get it wet it has some curls in the back. I am still not sure if it is a blessing or a curse for him.

I think those are all the updates I have.

PHILLIES..our first game

Is that a forced smile?
I don't know if I was just excited to be at the game, but that was seriously the best hot dog I have ever had!

On September 29th we finally made it to a Phillies Game. It has taken us 2 years, but we went and I LOVED IT!!! The Joachims (I hope that is how you spell it) watched Carson which was so nice (thank you guys) so Danny and I went to the 7:05 game. We sat as far back as the seats get, ate hot dogs, enjoyed a night out, and the best part...Phillies won!

Friday, October 2, 2009

My little boy is sick

My little guy does not like to sleep in people's arms, but when you don't feel good rocking with Grandma is the chair is the good life.

Carson is officially sick for the first time in his 7 month life. There is some debate if this is all from his 3rd tooth coming in, but regaurdless he doesn't look, feel, or sound good at all.

It started when Danny's family was here for graduation. He was a little fussy and had a cold. This morning he woke up coughing like crazy, it sounds painful to breath, and he is just not himself.

Now is my chance to put my new super mom powers into action, I will see how it goes.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Worst Mom of the Year

What is this crazy picture you ask???

Well.... we ran out of diapers. Most moms would realize that they are getting low, but I hate buying diapers so I avoid it at all cost. So we were out and of course Carson had a blow out. Every time he goes it is a blowout. So I change him and realize I have ZERO diaper to put back on! I looked in all of my bags, the car, everywhere. I use cloth diapers for burp rags so I thought I would try that. My mom used them right? I could not figure out how to keep it on, and it got worse from there.

I first put on a cloth diaper, followed by a Walmart bag tied around his waist and thighs. It obviously did not hold well. When I couldn't get the bag to stay tight I grabbed a pair of my underwear. Turns out they were too big. We then loaded him into the car and took him to my dear friend's Carrie; who is a good mother and had an extra diaper.

Poor kid, doesn't even have a chance :)


There is Joey. He was the guy that told us when to clap and got us all pumped up. He was great!
After the show we went to Magnolia Bakery. Martha has recommended this bakery in the past. No offense Martha (and the bakery) but it was not good. We got a banana cupcake, with a caramel center and caramel buttercream frosting, coconut cake, and a brown sugar cookie. I was soooo disapointed. I wanted to get back so Jen, Mindy, and Kristin could bake for me.

This is the huge and delicious peice of chicken cesar salad pizza I got for $4 before the show.

Kristin, Mindy, Me, Jenessa, and Jen posing with Martha.

It was so much fun. Dustan, Jenessa, and some girly friends from the ward made a trip (my 2nd one of the week) to be part of the audience. It was great. The show itself was a little weird. It was Micheal Moore and a financial advisor. No giveaways, not really any great food or crafts, but I LOVED IT!!!

Out of the 6 of us that went 3 (not me) were choosen to ask Micheal a question. Only one- Mindy, the red head- ended up asking. The biggest disappointment was I was never on TV, but I did sit in the 2nd row with Kristin- the asian- it was great.

After the show we went bakery hopping. Magnolia was not great, but Ferraros in Little Italy was pretty fancy and yummy.

I want to get all the girls together and go to another show and spend the day in New York.

New York Trip with the fam

Elmo charged us a buck for that picture. Now we will share it with you

Getting read for my run in Central Park

Grandma and the boy. They are both cute.Headed home after a long day in the city.

We all went to New York City on Monday the 21st so that Danny's family could see the sites. Danny, Carson, hung out in China town and Central Park most of the day while everyone else was checking out the Statue of Liberty.

I fulfilled on of my dreams while we were there...RUNNING IN CENTRAL PARK. It was great, the best 3 miles of my life :)

It was a lot of fun and Carson did great!

Let's start with the most important update in the Millward life...Danny Graduated, he is now a Physician Assistant (technically, he does have to pass his board, but I already know he will do great!) He graduated on September 19th at 1pm at the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia. It was all very exciting. Mom, Dad, Dustan, and Jenessa all came out to witness Danny Boy's accomplishment. Thanks again for coming.

After graduation we walked around Philly and then went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse...Danny's choice. He loves their chicken strips. Who goes to a rib place and gets chicken strips??? He enjoyed every bite.

It was a lot of fun, and so exciting. I don't feel any different now that I am a Physician Assistant's wife. I thought I would all of the sudden have a better wardrobe, our vocabulary; not yet, but I am proud of my hubby.