Tuesday, December 13, 2011


 Here we are at Mesa Verde in Septemberish.  Devlin came to visit (which was awesome) and we got a sitter and went on some hikes.  So fun

 Here is Paige as herself.  Food and a smile on her face. 

Carson, also know as Bob the Builder, was helping his dad work on the bathroom. 

Halloween!!!  Danny had to work so it was me and the kids.  I was a pirate, Carson a spider, and Paige a flower.  Carson was so excited.  I LOVED IT!  We trick or treated for about 3 hours. 

Carson's first snow man.  The second it snowed he wanted boots on to go outside.  I love having a kid that is as excited about stuff as I am!

CrAzY about my family and Merry Christmas!

Here are some recent pictures we had taken (thank you Mallory).  Can those kids get any cuter?....i submit to you nay.  I am really really in love with this family of mine.  Danny boy is working hard this month.  He has a crazy schedule and is on the reservation most days.  When he is home he is usually working until 8:30pm.  We miss him around here, but someone has to make the money :) 

Carson is 2 3/4.  i can't believe in Feburary I will have a 3 year old.  He is sooooooo busy and hilarious.  He loves kung fu panda and thinks that he is po.  I love to hear him talking to himself and pretending he is a ninja.  He also makes a lot of pretend snow angels, throws "snow balls" at me constantly, and any pile of clothes on the floor is a pile of leaves.  He is still obsessed with cars and trucks.  He moved into a big boy bed (thanks to his evil cousin teaching him how to crawl out of his crib).  At first it was awesome, and then he learned to crawl out.  We have had more than one "supernanny" night.  Literally hours of him getting out and us putting him back in.  Last nigt was a great night...thank heavens. 

Paige is just Paige.  She is so sweet and happy and great.  She loves food, if you couldn't tell.  The highlight of her days are meal time and nap time.  She stands on her own for hours on end, but refuses to take a step.  She is only 10 months old, but I know she can do it!  Soon she will be running around with Carson boy.  She loves her brother and lights up when anyone pays attention to her.  When she is tired she drags her head on the floor while she crawls.  She is still wearing her helmet.  I don't think it is doing anything anymore.  We have an appointment a couple days after christmas so we shall see.  She is getting her 7th tooth as we speak.  She loves to use her teeth for food and flesh.  Bad habit. 

I'm just here, unsuccessfully trying to keep the house clean, occassionally cooking dinner, and slowly becoming a real Blanding woman :)

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Glorious Helmet

Here is my little lady in the lovely helmet.  This should help her uneven face.  They think she will wear it for about 3 months for greater than 23 hours a day.  We really only take it off to wash her hair and the helmet.  They both get very sweaty and stinky.  She doesn't seem to mind it so far.  We have only had it on a week and her head has actually moved a lot.  The only bad part about this situation is that we have to go to Salt Lake (5 1/2 hours away) ever 3 weeks to get it adjusted...that stinks.  The things we do for beauty :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

My baby has a jacked up head

-Little baby Paige is now 7 months old
-She weighs about 21 pounds
-She is ssoooo smiley. 
-Paigers is getting to be a professional army crawler and sits up like a champ. 
-She loves to eat, especcially big kid food like crackers or whatever we are eating.  She loves applesauce too.  -The last week of 2 she has had a terrible cold and cough.  For a few days and nights it was pretty rough.  Lots of coughing, not sleeping, and wanting to be held.  She seems to be just about over it now.
-She has also decided she is just not that interested in nursing.  Danny says it is because sometimes she just wants a refreshing drink, not thick mama milk. 

So, she was born with torticollis.  A muscle on one side of her neck is too tight so he always looked to the right.  We would try to turn it the other way and it would bounce back.  As a result of her always looking right, she always laid on that side and flattened it.  It kind of shifted her whole head and face.  I really don't see it, but many a people have commented. Her torticollis is getting tons better.  It approved a lot on it's own and then we do some exercises with her. We took her to SLC to see a specialist and he said she need a helmet.  On a scale of 1-10 he gave a 7 or 8....yikes.  Then when we went to get the helmet fitted the did a bunch of measurements.  I asked him if it was bad and he said she was off by 1 cm.  I thought that wasn't much but he said the worst he had ever seen was 2 cm. 

They made a cast of her head so they can make the helmet.  I will post pictures of the final product soon!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Ode to my father

 Strike a pose!!  A little scruffy, but looking good :)

 Carson boy on the move...nothing new
 The family watching the Rainier Days in the Park parade
 This is where Forrest Gump turned around.  It is worth the trip to Blanding just to see that
 Grandpa holding his 4th grandbaby girl Paige

 This is where Carson's love for chickens began. 
 Little one year old Carson hanging out with Gramps at the beach.  This may be where his love for the ocean began

Carson and Grandpa meeting for the first time.  I love this picture.  I think it is so cute

Thanks for being such a good dad and grandpa.  We had so much fun in Oregon.  We love you!!!!!


When we were driving to Vernal this week Carson saw a man walking down the street with a long long white beard.  Carson said, "Mommy, look, Grandpa walk."     

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Oregon Trip...2 weeks of wonderful!

 4th of July!!!! Clastkanie Parade.  Uncle Stewie loves Paige. 
 It was pretty hot and very sunny (unusual for Oregon :)  Molly let Paige borrow her hat...what a nice cousin.

 Carson loved the cars, trucks, and motorcycles.  He wasn't very interested in the candy, which means I had to get my own.   After the parade we walked around awhile then headed home for naps.  That evening we set off fireworks.  Mostly snakes and flowers.
 On the 5th we headed to Newport.  It was a long drive, but turned out great.  We went to the beach right away and Carson LOVED it.  It was windy and a little chilly but he jumped right in the water.  Molly had fun building sand castles.  We rented a beach house and stayed for 3 days!  We went to the beach, the aquarium, and just played, played, played.

 Gotta have a hat at the beach :)

 The aquarium was really cool.  At first Carson was nervous about the tank tunnel thing, but soon he loved it.

The 2nd time we went to the beach Carson loved it even more.  He, again, went right for the water.  He was going crazy.  It wasn't warm, but it didn't slow those crazy kids down.

 While we were at Grammy and Grandpa's house Paige decided to sit up.  She is getting so big.  She is 5 1/2 months and way more mobile then Carson was.  She rolls front to back and back to front.  When she is on her tummy it looks like she is going to get up and crawl.  She has her 2 bottom middle teeth, and LOVES people food.  She seems fond of everything I give her, but she seems to really like bananas and crackers.  Probably shouldn't give those to her yet, but she does great with them.
The weekend after the 4th was Rainier Days in the Park.  It was another gorgeous day and parade.  Carson was interested in the candy this time, and of course loved the cars and trucks.  We walked around the park and Carson discovered the slide.

It isn't a trip home without seeing Grandma Kinzig.  She is well into her 90's but still very sharp.  Paige makes her 8th great grand baby.  She was excited to see the kids and have us visit.

It was a great trip.  Thank you Dad and Mom for everything.  WE LOVE YOU!!!!  

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Some firsts...boring for you to read, but I need to write it somewhere

Yesterday, Wednesday, June 1st, Carson got his first BEE STING!!!  Good job Carson boy :) 
We were at the park with one of his favorite friends Poppy.  The park has sand and grass so his shoes were off.  He found some water...of course...and all of the sudden I heard him crying.  I looked over and he was walking towards me walking so that only the heel of his left foot touched the ground.  I also noticed some bees flying around close to where he was playing.  I ran over to him (with super mom speed) and sure enough there was a stinger poking out of his chubby little foot.  I pulled it out and gave him so loves.  Within 30 seconds he was ready to go back and play in the water.  What a kid!!! I put his shoes on and that was that.

On Monday I decided I had enough of this silly getting up at night with a baby business.  We put Paige in the pack-n-play, which she should have been moved into weeks ago from her basinet, and went to sleep in the spare room.  We would have moved Paige, but it is right next to Carson's room and we figured there would be some crying.  I brought a monitor in with us, but at 3ish when she started to cry I turned it right off.  I really have no idea how much she was up.  Is that wrong?  I don't think so.  A mom needs to sleep! 

On Tuesday we did it again.  She was up 2 times at 1 and 3ish, but she didn't fuss long.  Although Danny was in charge of the monitor that night and I think he turned it off to :)  We really need to leave it on to hear if she is crying a lot or not so that we can move her over. 

Well, last night Paige was coughing and snotty and crying a lot.  She ate at 4:30 and then just went from crying to sleeping and crying and sleeping (but never restfully).  She didn't want to eat and finally fell fast asleep around 8:30.  Since it was such drama I didn't want to wake her up to feed her.  So we decided to all sleep together so that when she woke up I would feed her.  She got up at 2ish and then around 8 to eat.

She is better today so we are back to ignoring her at night.  She is 4 months old and 18 pounds I think she can make it :)  We wised up and realized we have 2 extra rooms; one next to Carson and then the "office" which is down the hall.  Tonight we will put her in there and I can sleep in my big wonderful King size bed again.  Wish us luck. 

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

he needs BOY friends

Carson and Olivia are the best of friends (until one of them takes a toy that the other one didn't feel like sharing at the moment :)  It is so fun to have a friend right next door.  The only problem is that Olivia ("ivia" as Carson calls her) is a very girly girly girl.  I don't think I have seen her in pants, without a skirt or dress over it, this year. 

A few weeks ago Carson was playing at her house and Tiawna called and said there was something I should see.  I went over and found my little boy dressed as a princess.  Tiawna said that Carson and Olivia were downstairs and were all of the sudden quiet.  She went down to find Olivia dressing Carson up. 

All of Carson's friends and cousins are GIRLS.  It is amazing that Carson still turns everything into weapons, loves football and baseball, plays with cars every second, and lives to see "plane skies" and garbage trucks.  Danny makes it is personal mission to be a very manly influence in his life :)