Sunday, July 17, 2011

Oregon Trip...2 weeks of wonderful!

 4th of July!!!! Clastkanie Parade.  Uncle Stewie loves Paige. 
 It was pretty hot and very sunny (unusual for Oregon :)  Molly let Paige borrow her hat...what a nice cousin.

 Carson loved the cars, trucks, and motorcycles.  He wasn't very interested in the candy, which means I had to get my own.   After the parade we walked around awhile then headed home for naps.  That evening we set off fireworks.  Mostly snakes and flowers.
 On the 5th we headed to Newport.  It was a long drive, but turned out great.  We went to the beach right away and Carson LOVED it.  It was windy and a little chilly but he jumped right in the water.  Molly had fun building sand castles.  We rented a beach house and stayed for 3 days!  We went to the beach, the aquarium, and just played, played, played.

 Gotta have a hat at the beach :)

 The aquarium was really cool.  At first Carson was nervous about the tank tunnel thing, but soon he loved it.

The 2nd time we went to the beach Carson loved it even more.  He, again, went right for the water.  He was going crazy.  It wasn't warm, but it didn't slow those crazy kids down.

 While we were at Grammy and Grandpa's house Paige decided to sit up.  She is getting so big.  She is 5 1/2 months and way more mobile then Carson was.  She rolls front to back and back to front.  When she is on her tummy it looks like she is going to get up and crawl.  She has her 2 bottom middle teeth, and LOVES people food.  She seems fond of everything I give her, but she seems to really like bananas and crackers.  Probably shouldn't give those to her yet, but she does great with them.
The weekend after the 4th was Rainier Days in the Park.  It was another gorgeous day and parade.  Carson was interested in the candy this time, and of course loved the cars and trucks.  We walked around the park and Carson discovered the slide.

It isn't a trip home without seeing Grandma Kinzig.  She is well into her 90's but still very sharp.  Paige makes her 8th great grand baby.  She was excited to see the kids and have us visit.

It was a great trip.  Thank you Dad and Mom for everything.  WE LOVE YOU!!!!