Saturday, March 26, 2011


Carson is a wild man. He is been up to no good (and some cute) the last few weeks. Carson was a beast on Sunday. We have church from 1-4....TERRIBLE. We have been bringing him home after sacrament meeting, which means one of us is missing church every week, and Carson isn't going to nursery. They taught him who Jesus was, ring around the rosie and itsy bitsy can I make him miss that??? So last Sunday we stayed. When we got home he was CRAZY and so grumpy. We didn't want him to take a nap that late so we turned on Toy Story. He fell asleep on Daddy which has not happened in a very long time. It was pretty adorable.
When Carson woke up from his nap this week he wanted his tiger clock. He never has shown interest in it before but he grabbed it off his dresser and brought it to the living room. I was in in the kitchen and Carson came to get me and he was saying night night. I thought he was talking about Paige but then he brought me in to show me he had put the tiger to bed. It was sooooo cute. He even gave him a kiss :)

Now for the naughty Carson...

On Thursday the 24th we were waiting for Danny to come home from dinner (he was working a 12 here in town so he gets an hour dinner break). Carson was very antsy so I decided we would go for a walk to the neighbors and return some stuff. We went to Trudy and Jim's first and returned a bowl. Carson got out of the stroller and ran down the sidewalk. I had to go get him and I gave him a spank and strapped him in to the stroller. After a bit we went to Stephie's house to return a few things. They have cats that Carson likes to play with so I let him out of the stroller so he could play with a cat in the yard while I took the stuff in. I figured since he has just got busted for wondering off, he would stay put. Steph wasn't home so I just went in for a minute and talked to Jessie (her daughter). When I went back out, Carson was gone. I checked all of his normal spots, the backyard and the neighbors. When I couldn't find him there I got a little nervous but mostly annoyed that the stinking kid can't just stay in one spot. Jessie checked the house and I started walking around looking for him. Another friend (Katherine) drove up and started looking too. I got in her car and drove around looking. I saw another neighbor (Melanie) walking and told her I couldn't find Carson. She got her 3 kids out of bikes looking with her. Jessie walked to our house (on the next block) to look there, but no luck. I was really getting scared now. I brought the car back and Katherine started to drive around. I went to Trudy and Jim's and they each got in a car to look. Quite a bit of time had gone by, probably 10 minutes or so. I went to another neighbors house (Judy) and when I opened the door to ask her to help up look I lost it. The tears finally came. I wasn't really worried about someone taking him, but I was so scared he would get hit by a car. At this point we had 3 cars looking, and about 9 people on foot. I was running all over. -Side note- I was chopping wood earlier in the week and the dump log flipped up and landed right on the knuckle of the big toe. HURT LIKE CRAZY. I think I broke it a little. So it was killing me as a ran from house to house in my Uggs. I am such an awesome mom :) As a was running around yelling for Carson another lady/friend from the ward (Angela) drove by and asked what I was doing. I told her through my tears that I lost Carson. So she started driving around looking for my little toe-head, wearing a red shirt, and his blue moon boots. I heard some kids playing so I went that way to check if he had wondered over to play with them. A minute later Jim pulled up and told me they found him. He was in a field with that dang cat 2 blocks from Steph's house. He crossed at least 2 streets and depending on the route he took, maybe more. I had planned a beating the snot out of him when we found him, but once I saw him, clueless covered in dirt playing with the cat, I just hugged on him instead. It was close to 30 minutes by the time we found him. It was terrible. I am so glad Danny was at work. I think he would have freaked out. I am so glad that Carson is safe and sound. I am sure this isn't the first time I will lose that kid...and soon Paige will walk and I will have 2 kids to lose :)

My little (big) 2 month old

This is a common morning routine. I feed Paige and sit her up on the couch. Immediately after I sit her down Carson comes and loves on his baby. Yes, he is 2 and still has a binky. He LOVES it. I have tried to break him of it (halfheartedly) but Danny encourages the binky sucking.
Who's face is that? We cannot decide who she looks like. I think her checks are so big, we can't actually see what her face looks like. Right now she is more of an Asian/Navajo mix.
Look at those legs. And her size 3 diaper :)
Paige had her 8 week check up on the 24th. A pediatrician only comes to Blanding once a month from Salt Lake. The rest of the time the family doctors do peds, ENT, OB/GYN....pretty much everything. We like our kids to see the peds when they come (since Danny refuses to see them). She is growing fast. Stats:

Weight: 14 lbs. 12 oz (96th percentile)
Height: 22 1/2 inches (36th percentile)

For anyone who remembers Carson at this age you will recall that he was very large. Paige is 2 inches shorter and 8 ounces heavier than Carson. What a chub!I love this dress! It is a size 6-9 month. It is a little snug already. I didn't get it out until Sunday because who knew she was that size already??

She is as healthy as a horse and sweet as can be. She is a great eater (obviously) and a wonderful sleeper, especially during the day. At night she has been doing pretty well. The other night she slept from 10-5!!! I was excited. If I feed her around 8 sometimes she is just too tired to wake up for me to feed her again before I go to bed. So she will wake up at 1 and 4 or 5. I am not too happy those nights but she is pretty fast.

Danny says I am obsessed with her, but I just realize how fast they grow up. Carson is talking more, and has an opinion about everything. He is not a baby anymore; it is great and sad at the same time.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Oh my cute

I have never seen a kid who loves his little sister more than Carson does. Every time he sees her I think he loves her more (I kind of feel the same way:) Paige is almost 8 weeks in this picture.
Carson cheesing it up. He is very good at posing for pictures. Paiger-roonie always has the same serious face. She is getting so good at smiling these days though. I keep trying to get a picture of her smiling, but I haven't captured it yet.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Double Trouble...and oh so cute

I wish the lighting was better, but look at those faces.

Happy One Month

There is my chubby 1-month-old. She is 22 inches long, and weighs a little over 12 pounds.
Carson loves to give sis cuddles.
This little girl looks sooo much like Carson did at 1-month-old

Happy Birthday Carson. 2 years old and 2 parties

I can't believe my little Carson is 2!!! That went by so fast. We have had some many fun adventures with our boy in the last 2 years and he just gets more and more fun. Here is a little about my 2 year old Carson...
He loves:
cars, trucks, tractors, planes, pretty much anything with a motor
Shrek (that is his new most favorite movie)
Friends...well, any kid that comes close to him. He gets so excited

He finally can say quite a few words. They aren't very clear all the time, but we get by. Some common words and phrases are:
where'd it go?
there it is
mommy and daddy

He is such a happy-go-lucky kid. He is always laughing, screaming, running, jumping and pretty much going nuts all day. He is so fun. The problem is that everything is a game to him. That is very bad when we are trying to be serious with him. If we say stop he just runs faster...usually right into the road.
We had 2 parties for Carson boy. One was a week early when everyone was here for Paige's blessing and then another one on his real birthday, we the sams and the girls came.

Party #2 on his real birthday. We had a CARS birthday. Here is Lightning McQueen...Made from rice krispies and fondant. It is set on a giant cookie. It looked even better in real life. I am pretty proud of that beauty.

My mom made the number 95...excellent work
This is party #1 on Feb. 12th. Both of our parents were here, and DeAnna, Bryce, and Derek. Same Lightning McQueen this time on a fondant covered cake.

Cool Guitar from Grandma and Grandpa Millward

Carson got a quilt, and some cool bouncy balls from Grammy and Gramps, a CARS blanket, and Buzz from mom and dad, and a guitar, and a tool set from Grandma and Grandpa Millward.

My little Paige is blessed

Paige was blessed on February 13th (my favorite number). We wanted to do it at home, but they like it done in the church buildings apparently so we blessed her in sacrament meeting. Danny did a wonderful job. I took notes of the blessing. A few days later I was cleaning out my diaper bag and saw this scrap paper with random notes on it. So trying to be clean and organized I throw it away. I was so mad when I realized they were the notes from her blessing :( I remember the main points.
The dress she is wearing is my blessing dress. My grandma Kinzig (mom's mom) made it for me.
Three generations of goodness. Shirley Jean, Bethany Lynn, and Paige Elizabeth
We love Grammy and Gramps!
We also love Grandma, Grandpa, DeAnna, and Derek...thanks for coming everyone.
Our little family. Carson is my little wild child with basset-hound eyes and vampire teeth, and Paige is my mellow sweet thing with big chubby cheeks. I just love those kids