Tuesday, December 13, 2011


 Here we are at Mesa Verde in Septemberish.  Devlin came to visit (which was awesome) and we got a sitter and went on some hikes.  So fun

 Here is Paige as herself.  Food and a smile on her face. 

Carson, also know as Bob the Builder, was helping his dad work on the bathroom. 

Halloween!!!  Danny had to work so it was me and the kids.  I was a pirate, Carson a spider, and Paige a flower.  Carson was so excited.  I LOVED IT!  We trick or treated for about 3 hours. 

Carson's first snow man.  The second it snowed he wanted boots on to go outside.  I love having a kid that is as excited about stuff as I am!

CrAzY about my family and Merry Christmas!

Here are some recent pictures we had taken (thank you Mallory).  Can those kids get any cuter?....i submit to you nay.  I am really really in love with this family of mine.  Danny boy is working hard this month.  He has a crazy schedule and is on the reservation most days.  When he is home he is usually working until 8:30pm.  We miss him around here, but someone has to make the money :) 

Carson is 2 3/4.  i can't believe in Feburary I will have a 3 year old.  He is sooooooo busy and hilarious.  He loves kung fu panda and thinks that he is po.  I love to hear him talking to himself and pretending he is a ninja.  He also makes a lot of pretend snow angels, throws "snow balls" at me constantly, and any pile of clothes on the floor is a pile of leaves.  He is still obsessed with cars and trucks.  He moved into a big boy bed (thanks to his evil cousin teaching him how to crawl out of his crib).  At first it was awesome, and then he learned to crawl out.  We have had more than one "supernanny" night.  Literally hours of him getting out and us putting him back in.  Last nigt was a great night...thank heavens. 

Paige is just Paige.  She is so sweet and happy and great.  She loves food, if you couldn't tell.  The highlight of her days are meal time and nap time.  She stands on her own for hours on end, but refuses to take a step.  She is only 10 months old, but I know she can do it!  Soon she will be running around with Carson boy.  She loves her brother and lights up when anyone pays attention to her.  When she is tired she drags her head on the floor while she crawls.  She is still wearing her helmet.  I don't think it is doing anything anymore.  We have an appointment a couple days after christmas so we shall see.  She is getting her 7th tooth as we speak.  She loves to use her teeth for food and flesh.  Bad habit. 

I'm just here, unsuccessfully trying to keep the house clean, occassionally cooking dinner, and slowly becoming a real Blanding woman :)

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!