Monday, May 10, 2010

A few more random pictures

My pastey boy needs some sunscreen.
Carson and Dad on a walk through the desert

The creepy little green man came and filled our shoes with candy on St. Patrick's Day.

Happy Birthday Danny...May 1st

Here is the birthday boy getting ready to blow out his candles
Make a wish............
The second Danny blew those things out, Carson lost it.
Poor kid was scared to death.

Danny boy turned 28 this year. He gets better with age :) Another wonderful year gone by, we will see what this year holds.

Snowmobiling- is that how you spell it?

While my family was here visiting we went up to our favorite neighbor's cabin. It is only about 20 minutes away, but there was a lot more snow. They have this great cabin and 3 snow mobiles. It was really fun.
First Snow machine ride for the Carson boy


We just got done with all that millions of papers we had to sign. It was more painless than I thought.
Going under contract!

We have been renting a house here in Blanding and we thought we would take advantage of the Tax credit and buy the thing. Our mortgage is about the same as rent, and we don't have to move again!!!!!!! It needs some work, but we got a pretty good deal and Danny is a handyman. I will make sure to post before and after pictures!

A trip to Natural Bridges with the family

Stewie, Randy, Sam and the girls came to visit for a week. It was so fun!!! We played rock band until our eyes hurt, explored Blanding, went to Natural Bridges, and Mesa Verde. It was great. The only bad thing is that Danny had to work everyday so he missed out on the fun :(

Molly pants

Branding Cows in Blanding

My Little Cowboy
Yes...That is Carson sitting on a cow's head
I can brand cows with the best of them. There is no sweeter smell than burning cow flesh!

Going on Carson's first Horseback ride. He loved it. He laughed every time the horse moved. He might like them cowboy thing.