Monday, November 8, 2010


My two handsome boys after church. Carson finally fits into his velvet sports jacket and it was cool enough to finally wear long sleeves.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

what a big BOY!

Carson loves to sit on the counter when I am working in the kitchen. He is a great helper!

The Real Halloween

The Surfing family....It was so windy. My surf board kept hitting me in the face. I ended up taking in off and I just had a rash guard and swim trunks on. Since we live in Utah and Halloween was on Sunday, we did our trick-or-treating (with the rest of Blanding) on Saturday
We went to a dinner party on Friday night so our little shark was left at home
Carson was sooooooooooo excited when we left to go trick-or-treating. He is my kid...he was running from door to door, laughing and knocking on every door. He can't so much talk, but he tried to say trick-or-treat. He is good at saying "thank you" so we got him to say that. He liked to hold onto his candy so they would give him a piece that he would hold onto and then when we got to the next house we would put the old candy in his bag and he would get a new one.
We started around 5 and went until 8, then Danny made us come home and put Carson to bed. I wasn't satisfied with the amount of candy I had gotten (kids slow you down) so I went back out and found the neighbor kids...I love the IVINS...and we cleaned up the town until 9:15ish.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Halloween at my House

We had a halloween party at my house this year. There ended up being like 20 little kids here. We decorated cookies, pinned the spider on the web, did a spooky craft, and ran around in our costumes. I didn't get any good pictures...what a loser. I dressed up like a cat just for the party, not the real halloween. So here I am a 28 week pregnant cat!
There is my little shark boy, eating his cookie he decorated.

That kid has the cutest face if I say so myself.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Here is the team right before the championship game. One of the guys was warming up in the truck...wimp :)
There we are in action. I fell a billion times, it was so slippery.

Carson was a trooper, we were there from 6ish to about 10:30.

Carson + mud = Happiest kid alive
The San Juan County Fair was the week of August 1oth-ish. There was a mud volleyball tournament on Wednesday night. Danny was suppose to play but he had to work late so I ended up playing on a team of cowboys. It was me, Justin (our cowboy neighbor) Trevor, Chase, Zack, and a chick named Till. They were not joking, there was a lot of mud. Everyone on the team was so fun. Guys are meant to play mud volleyball, they were all over the place. The tournament was so fun. We played several games and never lost. We went all the way to the champion and took it!! We won a tee shirt, case of pop, and a bag of candy. It was so fun!!!!!!!!!

A wonderful trip to the beach!

Here is the house that Danny rented in Oregon for a wonderful week at the beach for me and him. We just had the top part, which was more than enough room. We were in Oregon for some weddings and a baptism and Danny boy took me off for a late mother's day trip to Cannon Beach.
We were there Monday-Thursday alone and we decided to invite the family up for the last night. Sam, Molly, Lilly, and Carson stayed the night. It was so fun to have Carson at the beach with us.

Carson boy loved the sand, and running from the waves. He is almost 18 months big
Here we are...the love birds. I am 15 weeks pregnant and showing. It really was sooooo fun to go away with Danny for a few days. Turns out we still like each other :)

We did so much while we were at the beach. We had a day at the spa and it was AMAZING. I got a facial, body scrub, foot massage, and we had an hour long couples massage.
The next day we went on a horse back ride . Danny had a dream of riding horses, nice and slow, on the beach. They gave poor Danny the fattest horse I have ever seen. He was struggling to sit on that thing. It was so fun, but it turns out those horses don't go slow. As soon as they got in the hard sand those stinking horses took off. This was the 2nd time in Danny's life he had been on a horse, and I am pregnant (although I certified on the paper work that I wasn't) so we were hurting. It was so funny, but we loved it.
We also went to the Tillamook cheese factory, a light house, we watched candy being made, and we ate at a lot of resturants (our favorite was Pig n' Pancake)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

18 Month Check-up

That is Carson's very special smile :)

Carson is 18-months-old....I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! He had his 18 month check up and it was a little sad.


Height: 2 ft. 7 in.----15%

He is a shrimp. We thought he would be tall, but it looks like we have a Millward on our hands. He might be our "Stewie" and our other boys will be huge

Weight: 25 lbs.----40%

He doesn't look chubby to us, but he is obviously heavier than he is tall. He has weighed 25 lbs. since he was 6 months old :)

He is healthy as a horse though.


-Has all of his teeth except his 6 year molars
-He says, "Mom, Dad, Go, thank you, please" (mom and dad are the only words that any one can understand)
-HE LOVES "Cars" starting this week he watchs it between 2-6 times a day. He will sit for a while and watch, and then run around for a bit. He just likes to have it on at all times. I didn't really want him to like any movies, but I do love my new found morning showers while he watches.
-He is still blonde as can be
-He is an excellent dancer
-He sleeps from about 7pm-7am and takes a 2-3 hour nap....that is my favorite thing
-He loves nursery, we snuck him in early (around 16 months)

He is so much fun. He has his stinky moments, but usually he is very sweet. He loves being around other kids. He starts getting all bugged out if he is home too much in the day....where does he get that? He is a daddy's boy and is always his big helper. I can't help but love this boy.
He was 18 months this wed. and I was 17 weeks pregnant

Monday, May 10, 2010

A few more random pictures

My pastey boy needs some sunscreen.
Carson and Dad on a walk through the desert

The creepy little green man came and filled our shoes with candy on St. Patrick's Day.

Happy Birthday Danny...May 1st

Here is the birthday boy getting ready to blow out his candles
Make a wish............
The second Danny blew those things out, Carson lost it.
Poor kid was scared to death.

Danny boy turned 28 this year. He gets better with age :) Another wonderful year gone by, we will see what this year holds.

Snowmobiling- is that how you spell it?

While my family was here visiting we went up to our favorite neighbor's cabin. It is only about 20 minutes away, but there was a lot more snow. They have this great cabin and 3 snow mobiles. It was really fun.
First Snow machine ride for the Carson boy


We just got done with all that millions of papers we had to sign. It was more painless than I thought.
Going under contract!

We have been renting a house here in Blanding and we thought we would take advantage of the Tax credit and buy the thing. Our mortgage is about the same as rent, and we don't have to move again!!!!!!! It needs some work, but we got a pretty good deal and Danny is a handyman. I will make sure to post before and after pictures!

A trip to Natural Bridges with the family

Stewie, Randy, Sam and the girls came to visit for a week. It was so fun!!! We played rock band until our eyes hurt, explored Blanding, went to Natural Bridges, and Mesa Verde. It was great. The only bad thing is that Danny had to work everyday so he missed out on the fun :(

Molly pants

Branding Cows in Blanding

My Little Cowboy
Yes...That is Carson sitting on a cow's head
I can brand cows with the best of them. There is no sweeter smell than burning cow flesh!

Going on Carson's first Horseback ride. He loved it. He laughed every time the horse moved. He might like them cowboy thing.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The wise Yoda
My sleepy boys. Carson never falls asleep on my shoulder anymore.
I walked into my bedroom and found my little boy like this......Every boy has to be an underwear head at least once :)