Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mt. Rushmore...another bucket list item

Family Christmas card picture
Starting in Kindergarten you hear about Mt. Rushmore. I have always wanted to see it, but kind of expected to be dissappointed...I WASN'T!! It was so cool.

A couple days in Nauvoo

On day 2 of our road trip we drove from Columbus, OH to Nauvoo, IL. It was wonderful there. We stayed in this beautiful cabin the first night and a hotel the 2nd. It was pretty and all of the senior missionaries were great.

We learned to make rope
There were old cabins everywhere. It was cool to hear about the people who lived there.
One morning we went on a buggy ride. The driver told us about the land and the people. It was pretty cold there, but I think I would rather go in the fall than the hot humid summer. It was kind of fun because there weren't a lot of people in town.

A Trip to Mt. Vernon

Our future home
In front of Washinton's Grave...Old Grave...
These post are so out of order. When Jodie was out in Philly visiting we went to Washington D.C and Mt. Vernon the first part of October. It was actually pretty great. Mt. Vernon was wonder old Washington lived there.

HaPpY hAlLoWeEn

We went trick-or-treating the day before Halloween and the night fun.

Batman, Catwoman, and our little Bat!

Carson liked eating his pumpkin more than decorating it
We spent halloween at my sister's house in Vernal...PARTY. We carved pumpkin for F.H.E (Carson drew on his), we went trick-or-treating at the library on Friday, and then the real thing around the neighborhood on Saturday.

The many faces of Carson

Danny, Derek, and I were outside shooting a target with a paint ball gun and Carson was making all sorts of faces.

What are you doing?

Gerber baby!

Startled by a paint ball gun

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Let's Play Catch-up

There she is....the moving truck. We load it, they drive it. The only way to go.
We are no longer in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. It is exciting and very sad. There are some things we will miss....

Our friends (that is what we will miss most)
The cheesesteak
Being close to NYC, DC, Virginia, the beach....sorry, the SHORE
The Jarrettown Ward
The leaves
Being students
And of course a lot more stuff too

We won't miss...

No AC in the summer time
Ambulances, sirens blarring, driving past our house
Angry East coasters

Danny boy graduated and we are off on a new adventure. We are headed to St. George, UT to hang with the parental units until Danny gets a job.

Call the denist...This kid has TEETH

Well, little Carson boy is 8 months old and he almost has a tooth for every month. He has 4 teeth on top, (They all came in at the same time. And of course it was the week we drove across the country this month) 3 on the bottom, and at least 2 more that look like they are about to break the skin.

He started doing this weird face about 2 weeks ago. It cracks us up. We can't quite figure out why he does it, but it shows his teeth nicely.