Sunday, August 30, 2009


I can't believe I finished Carson's quilt! He is 6 months old, but better late than never. I was suppose to bring Carson home from the hospital wrapped in it, but what do you do?

My dear friend Mindy helped me with the sashing for the quilt top, and my lovely friend Megan taught me how to hand quilt. With our powers combined I made my boy a quilt.

I really want Carson to love his blankie, but I don't want him getting it dirty. I don't even like to lay him on in on the floor. I have to make a duplicate :) I can't wait until I have another kid and I will let him or her take the blanket in the mud I am sure.

The picture isn't great, but here it is.


Me and the boy enjoying the fish.

We went to the New Jersey aquarium this week with our friends Patience and Ester. It was loads of fun! It was a little frightening me and Carson driving in the city, but we made it out alive.

Beach Days Take 2

That's a cute boy

My beach dwellers

Here are some pictures from last weeks evening beach trip.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Beach Days

We have gone to the beach, or the "shore" as they say out here, two times in the last week. Danny boy is half dolphin and has serious withdrawals if I keep him away from the water too long. We went last week with some friends from the ward and spent a great day on the white sand and in the warm water. Then we went again yesterday. This side of the country is sick. It cost $8.00 PER PERSON to go on the beach. It is un-American if you ask me. But it is free after 4pm. So we got there around 5 and stayed until 8. It was great. Danny swam the whole time while me, Carson, Jen and Jenny (plus the 2 little ones hung out on the beach). Thanks to the girl I got to spend some time in the water too.

Thanks for taking care of the boy.


I have a Fan Pass!!!
Danny and Carson in Time Square...around 4:45am

Danny has been home all week and we have had tons of fun. We have gone to the beach, New York, Farmer's Market, just here and there. Now I have to play catch up. Most important event first...THE TODAY SHOW!!

We got tickets to the Natasha Beddingfield Today Show performance. I was so excited! To be honest we aren't crazy fans, but we do like her songs and it is a dream of mine to be on the Today Show. So Friday we woke up at 2am and drove to Staten Island. We caught the 4am ferry to Manhattan, and took the 4:30 ferry to Rockefeller plaza. Carson was such a trooper. He slept to the ferry, I fed him, and he just decided to stay awake for the rest of the day. He was great though. You should have seen him in Time Square. He was wide eyed. He loved the huge M&M TV screen.

When we got in line to get in the show, the lady checking tickets thought Carson was so cute. She told the camera man to make sure and get some good footage of him. We walked into the blocked off concert area and a security guard called me over. He said it was too hot in the middle where all of the people stand to watch the concert so he took us to a gated area to the side of the stage. Instead of 300 people in one area, there was maybe 30 of us. It was so cool.The music was pretty loud so the very friendly Today Show staff gave him ear plugs to wear.

The highlight of the day was Al Rooker talking to us. He asked Carson's name and age. WE WERE TOTALLY ON TV!!!!!!!! We called our family in Utah imediatly and had them record it. Living the dream. Natasha was great and we got to see Al, Ann, and Matt up close and personal. I have a good life.This is Lenny. He goes to the Today Show every morning. He was pretty cool.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Longwood Gardens

Thank you Robertson Family for our wonderful trip to Longwood Gardens. We went there last Saturday. The weather was great, the flowers were beautiful, and it was just fun to go spend a day with our little family.
Carson loves to drink from water bottles. Anytime he sees us take a drink he tries to grab it.
All that nature made all of us tired. Carson was the only one that could zonk out while we pushed him around. I miss being a baby.


He has been about to roll from his back to him tummy for about 3 weeks now. But he could not quite get from his tummy to his back. I just happen to be video taping when he made his big move.

Some new pictures of the boy

Here are some picture of my boy. That kid loves the water. He can stay in the bath all night. We are taking Mommy and Me swim lessons at the YMCA once a week. It is so fun. He loves it. Carson likes to put his face in the water and sucks in then of course he chokes. He will learn one of these days.

Now that he has 2 little teethers on the bottom I thought he needed a tooth brush. Does that sound like a first time mom or what? He loves to suck on it. It has become a favorite toy. You can tell it is bed time in that picture. It looks like he hasn't slept in a week. He probably had been awake for about 2 hours. It is hard being 5 months old.