Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happiest Kids in the World

These kids love their baths. Carson plays and plays. Paige is a blob...and I love it.
Whose face is that?
Here is my Paige. She is 12 weeks old in this picture. She is so smiley, especially when Danny is around and so so sweet. She is 15 lbs...maybe more. The pants she is wearing are actually a size 2T pair of shorts. They fit her waist perfectly though :)
This little lady loves to eat and sleep. She eats every 3 hours, but if you stick a binky in her mouth she can wait all day. She has been sleeping pretty well at night. If I feed her around 8 or 9 she will usually sleep until 5ish. If I feed her at 10 she wakes up at 2 or makes no sense. So clearly, I feed her earlier. I am guessing this trend will be changing soon, it always does.
What a great big brother!
Carson loves to hold Paige. My happy Paige doesn't even care that she is horribly uncomfortable
There he is...the happiest kid in the world. This kid laughs at anything. If we keep him fed and let him play you won't find a happier kid.

***just to clarify....these kids can also be very unhappy. If Carson has to come inside, if he is tired, hungry, not able to play with his best friend Olivia, if is trying to tell me something and I don't understand, if we only let him watch Buzz 5 times instead of 6...the list goes on and on...he is not happy.

Paige just needs to eat and then go back to sleep. She also hates when she has an upset stomach.

This kid has style!

His most favorite item in his wardrobe are his blue Winnie the pooh moon boat (thank you Danny for getting him those boots). He wants to wear them everyday...with shorts, PJs anything. Unfortunately, they STUNK of stinky feet and cow manure. After a road trip to St. George for our anniversary we could not take the smell anymore. They stunk up the whole car. They had to go. Farewell boots we will miss you.
Carson has recently decided he loves hats. I think it is because his daddy (who he worships) wears hats. This hat fit great when he was 10 months old. Now, not so much.
Since the moon boats had to go, it is a good thing he has his cowboy boots. In this picture he is coming out of nursery. He always wants to wear boots, and these are a popular pick. He fits in perfectly in town now!
Here he is in his boots and another excellent hat. Carson boy lives outside. The only time we come in is to eat and watch either Choo Choo buzz (Toy Story 3) or Truck Buzz (Toy Story 1). On occasion he will ask for Shrek or Mack (Cars). Lately naps and bedtime have been a struggle...he is just so busy playing.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Family Fun

We had a great conference weekend. Danny boy didn't have to work and we enjoyed every minute of him being home.

On Saturday morning we went to the field and saw the baby cows and pigs. Then Carson rode the horse with Justin for awhile. Carson is such a little cowboy.

Between sessions we went on a hike. It was really fun. These pictures are actually of the hike we did last week, but I forgot our camera this week. It was really fun. Carson loves being outside and Paige is happy to cuddle up in the pack.

Sunday we stayed home and had a little family circus. Carson loves airplane rides.

ApRiL fOoLs

For dinner we went to Kari and Mark's house. We made sesame chicken...delicious, and for dessert we had "mashed potatoes and peas and carrots" cupcakes. I also filled up some glasses with jello and put a straw in it, then let them set up. It looked like juice but when you went to take a drink it wouldn't come out. Carson didn't get it. He mostly got mad. Non of the girls got it either except their oldest Ashlyn (7 and not in the picture). She thought it was funny.

Carson enjoyed those cupcakes!

We had a fun April Fools this year. Danny had to work and I thought I had the funniest trick to play on him. Danny NEVER does woman health exams...he refuses. So I called the clinic and made an appointment for my neighbor Stephanie. When Danny saw it he laughed, but knew it was a joke right away.....darn it. It turns out Steph's husband didn't really see the humor in my joke either :) Sorry Justin.