Saturday, February 12, 2011

My poor ugly baby...

Here she is so cute. But she didn't start out that way. Prepare yourself, she is alive
Yikes. She got beat up on the way out

This is Paige about 10 hours after she was born. Looking better-ish
When she was first born I was kind of shaky so I didn't hold her. They cleaned her up and brought her back to me and all I saw was a purple face. She wasn't crying and I really didn't think she was breathing. I told Danny to give her back to the nurse. He said she was breathing but I didn't believe him. He handed her back to the nurse and she got her crying again. She was a frightening site. But we love her.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More Pictures

Paige had her 2 week appointment today. She weighs 10.5 pounds. what a chunk.
Carson was sharing his toys with his sister.
Please ignore the mess...focus on the 2 kiddos getting their diapers changed. Two kids in 23 months=a ton of diapers. I have to potty train Carson, but the kid can't even talk yet, it just seems like if you can't talk you should still be wearing a diaper

Paige's first bottle (of pumped milk). Can you see how dark that stuff is? Seriously, it was the color of cheddar cheese and just about as think. Poor kid has to chew her milk.

bath...and stuff

Carson wanted to be a big helper and of course that means jumping in the tub with little sister and dumping water on her.
what cute kids
There is the sleepy head.
We decided to go to Natural Bridges on Saturday. Paige at 16 days old, I would say it is time for an outing. Turns out it was windy and freezing cold. Me, Danny and Carson went exploring while Grammy and Paige kept warm in the truck.

Bringing Paige home

Here is my little lady ready to come home in her cozy fleece outfit. She is still a little swollen, but A MILLION times better than right after birth.
Getting ready to head scary. I don't know about having 2 kids. I hope I can handle it.
Carson seeing Paige for the first time at home. He was very interested in her eyes and nose. He was so excited to have her home. It made me ever so happy.
After a couple hours at home I was beat. With 2 grandmas, a grandpa, and an uncle at our house why not take a nap? I love when babies cuddle up and go to sleep. I can't even get Carson to sit next to me for more than 30 seconds let alone go to sleep.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Paige Elizabeth Millward is born!

Ready to have the baby in my fancy gown. Just have to wait for the Dr. to come and break my water
After a very fast labor and delivery, there she VERY purple girl. When Danny handed her to me I really didn't think she was breathing, it was frightening. She was turned sideways and they said she came out so fast and having to turn her just bruised her entire face. We have some really hideous pictures of her purple face, but I don't know if we should share those. I will post the cute ones first so you fall in love with her, then post the bad ones.Here is Carson meeting his little sister. He loved her! The first thing he did was gasp and then point out her eyes and nose.