Monday, November 8, 2010


My two handsome boys after church. Carson finally fits into his velvet sports jacket and it was cool enough to finally wear long sleeves.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

what a big BOY!

Carson loves to sit on the counter when I am working in the kitchen. He is a great helper!

The Real Halloween

The Surfing family....It was so windy. My surf board kept hitting me in the face. I ended up taking in off and I just had a rash guard and swim trunks on. Since we live in Utah and Halloween was on Sunday, we did our trick-or-treating (with the rest of Blanding) on Saturday
We went to a dinner party on Friday night so our little shark was left at home
Carson was sooooooooooo excited when we left to go trick-or-treating. He is my kid...he was running from door to door, laughing and knocking on every door. He can't so much talk, but he tried to say trick-or-treat. He is good at saying "thank you" so we got him to say that. He liked to hold onto his candy so they would give him a piece that he would hold onto and then when we got to the next house we would put the old candy in his bag and he would get a new one.
We started around 5 and went until 8, then Danny made us come home and put Carson to bed. I wasn't satisfied with the amount of candy I had gotten (kids slow you down) so I went back out and found the neighbor kids...I love the IVINS...and we cleaned up the town until 9:15ish.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Halloween at my House

We had a halloween party at my house this year. There ended up being like 20 little kids here. We decorated cookies, pinned the spider on the web, did a spooky craft, and ran around in our costumes. I didn't get any good pictures...what a loser. I dressed up like a cat just for the party, not the real halloween. So here I am a 28 week pregnant cat!
There is my little shark boy, eating his cookie he decorated.

That kid has the cutest face if I say so myself.