Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What a big boy

I seriously can't believe how much this kid changes everyday. Within the last few weeks, he has gotten better at lying on his tummy (he used to freak out every time), he is sitting in the exersaucer, the bumbo, and all by himself on his bottom for a few seconds. He grabs his toys, put everything in his mouth and says please and thank you...oh wait.

For about a month my goal has been to put him on his tummy everyday. I think I have done it maybe 4 times. I blame myself for his lack of rolling over. But I don't really want him to move. I love putting him down and knowing that he will be in the exact same spot when I get back. He is 4 months tomorrow so this time I am serious. I am going to start putting him on his tummy EVERYDAY (unless he does not want to :). What kid wouldn't want to lay on a surf board tummy mat?

4 Month Check Up

Carson had his doctor appointment today. Here are the stats...

Height 26 inches (90%)
Weight 16 1/2 pounds (80%)
Head 17 1/2 (75%)

He is not perfectly in balance, but I am happy to see that he is tall, less fat than last checkup (percentile wise) and doesn't have an overly huge head (considering the rest of his body). He also had 4 shots which of course broke my heart. He did good. We just got home and he is sound asleep in his bed.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Coins.

Happy Birthday Danny (Round II)

Danny's birthday is May 1st, as we all know. I was going to get his phone fixed for $120 for his very expensive birthday present. When we went to pick up his phone it was FREE. I thought, "great we saved some money!" Danny thought, "great, what are you going to get me now?" I hadn't gotten him anything, and Danny commented on me fizzling. I am no fizzler! While he was at work I made him a HOMEMADE chocolate cake, very fancy, and I got him the best present ever (according to Danny). I went to the local coin store and haggled with the nice man. I bought every barber dime he had, 23 total. That Danny boy has looked at those coins at least 3 times a day since he got them, and this was a few weeks ago he got them. He is a great hubby. I should throw him a birthday party every month. I can't get him coins every month. Poor Carson has had to look at those things every time Danny does.


Although we have plans to go before we leave, we have never been to a Phillies game. Seeing as they are the world champions, when we heard that the fanatic was going to be at the Abington YMCA (my former place of employment) we couldn't miss our chance to meet him. Some day Carson will thank us for making him seat on the furry green thing's lap.

Babysitting Days

Every Monday I babysit a CUTE girl named Allie. The last few weeks we have been walking to the park that is 1.10 (according to my nikeplus Ipod) miles from their house. I don't have a double stroller so I squeeze both of them into my jogger. Actually jogging with that heavy stroller times 2 kids is very difficult. The other day we stayed at the park for a long time. On the way home Carson started crying. I looked over the edge to see what was wrong and there was Allie sleeping on his head. He cried for about 30 seconds and then I guess he realized she wasn't moving so just enjoyed the ride home.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Family Picture

Danny's older brother Dave came to town last weekend and stayed a few days before he started his rotation in Allentown. It was great seeing him. It was double trouble with 2 Millward men. We spent the entire weekend watching sports. Dave took a picture of us after church. It isn't great, but at least we are all in it. As you can see Carson was deep in thought about the lessons we had just heard.

They really are cute when they sleep

I was looking through some of our and I saw that we take a lot of pictures of our boy sleeping. He is just so cute. He used to always sleep with his hands over his face. Now they are usually up over his head or he is on his side.

New Camera Picture

Here you see the extreme zoom power of our new camera. You can even see Carson's spit.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Canon Powershot SD790

We finally got a new camera!!!!!!!!! Our camera has been driving me crazy for a while now, but especially since Carson was born. It is a really good camera, but for some reason the batteries have been dying all the time and it takes so long to take a picture. Saturday morning Caron woke up at 5am to eat. I fed him and then we both fell back asleep in my bed. When he woke up at 8 he was so happy. He was smiling and laughing and being adorable. I got the camera and took a video of him babbling, and one of him laughing. I watched them and the sound wouldn't work. Apparently you can record things, but there is no sound. I was mad. I looked on line to see what time Best Buy opened and at 10:00 sharp we were there buying a new camera. We got the Canon. It was on sale, and we heard it was good. I have been doing research on cameras for a few weeks now and I had decided this is one that I wanted. There of course were some better ones, but money...darn money. We made sure that the video actually had sound. Here are some pictures taken with the camera.