Thursday, June 2, 2011

Some firsts...boring for you to read, but I need to write it somewhere

Yesterday, Wednesday, June 1st, Carson got his first BEE STING!!!  Good job Carson boy :) 
We were at the park with one of his favorite friends Poppy.  The park has sand and grass so his shoes were off.  He found some water...of course...and all of the sudden I heard him crying.  I looked over and he was walking towards me walking so that only the heel of his left foot touched the ground.  I also noticed some bees flying around close to where he was playing.  I ran over to him (with super mom speed) and sure enough there was a stinger poking out of his chubby little foot.  I pulled it out and gave him so loves.  Within 30 seconds he was ready to go back and play in the water.  What a kid!!! I put his shoes on and that was that.

On Monday I decided I had enough of this silly getting up at night with a baby business.  We put Paige in the pack-n-play, which she should have been moved into weeks ago from her basinet, and went to sleep in the spare room.  We would have moved Paige, but it is right next to Carson's room and we figured there would be some crying.  I brought a monitor in with us, but at 3ish when she started to cry I turned it right off.  I really have no idea how much she was up.  Is that wrong?  I don't think so.  A mom needs to sleep! 

On Tuesday we did it again.  She was up 2 times at 1 and 3ish, but she didn't fuss long.  Although Danny was in charge of the monitor that night and I think he turned it off to :)  We really need to leave it on to hear if she is crying a lot or not so that we can move her over. 

Well, last night Paige was coughing and snotty and crying a lot.  She ate at 4:30 and then just went from crying to sleeping and crying and sleeping (but never restfully).  She didn't want to eat and finally fell fast asleep around 8:30.  Since it was such drama I didn't want to wake her up to feed her.  So we decided to all sleep together so that when she woke up I would feed her.  She got up at 2ish and then around 8 to eat.

She is better today so we are back to ignoring her at night.  She is 4 months old and 18 pounds I think she can make it :)  We wised up and realized we have 2 extra rooms; one next to Carson and then the "office" which is down the hall.  Tonight we will put her in there and I can sleep in my big wonderful King size bed again.  Wish us luck.