Tuesday, December 13, 2011


 Here we are at Mesa Verde in Septemberish.  Devlin came to visit (which was awesome) and we got a sitter and went on some hikes.  So fun

 Here is Paige as herself.  Food and a smile on her face. 

Carson, also know as Bob the Builder, was helping his dad work on the bathroom. 

Halloween!!!  Danny had to work so it was me and the kids.  I was a pirate, Carson a spider, and Paige a flower.  Carson was so excited.  I LOVED IT!  We trick or treated for about 3 hours. 

Carson's first snow man.  The second it snowed he wanted boots on to go outside.  I love having a kid that is as excited about stuff as I am!


Rachel said...

Beth, I am so glad you are still alive! and lookin' hot..... you're kids are dang cute :) we're looking for short term jobs in the lower 48 so if you know of any send 'em our way.

Powell clan said...

Do we have the cutest grandkids in the world, or what? You make a dang good-looking pirate. Am missing your enthusiasm around here. Can't wait until you come home.