Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Baby Paige

I cannot figure out how to move pictures around.  what is wrong with me?  so they are a little mixed up.  The first one is on her real birthday, then there are some taken later, and then back to the real birthday.  I will figure it out someday.

Paige had a great birthday.  She was sick with a nasty cold and ear infection, but she perked right up when the cake came out.  She is the sweetest little thing.  I just love her to peices.  She has 8 teeth, walks like a professional (she started christmas day), loves to play with Carson boy, Peek-a-boo is a favorite, and she says "dad" whenever Danny comes in the room. 
We had a photo shot before her party.  She was sick and it was freezing, but she did great. 

Grandma Millward gave her a baby doll and she LOVED it.  We didn't open it until tonight (a week after her birthday)  It is so amazing that a little baby can act like such a girl.  Carson was born loving trucks and this girl loves babies.  Whenever she sees one she gets all excited and tries to get her hand on that poor baby.  She gave that baby a big kiss and then tried to drink her bottle :)

 This is her real OREGON!!!!  She was soooooo excited about her big pink cupcake!

She litterally ate every bite of that cupcake by the handful and then licked her tray clean. 

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