Saturday, March 17, 2012


Carson turned 3!!!!!!!  I made him a really ugly Mator cake, but he loved it!  That is why I love kids.  Grandma, Grandpa, Derek, DeAnna, and Bryce came for the big bash!! 
The twins....double trouble but so cute.  Sam2 and the girls came down to help with Paige's ear surgery...but I ended up getting sick and Sam took care of me instead.
Baby Paige going into surgery
Baby Paige coming out of surgery. 
There she is...14 months of goodness

And there is my Carson and his new face he loves to make. 

The Lepercon snuck into our house and filled our shoes with treats...Carson was so confused, but him and Paige loved the candy!
Eating Lucky Charms on St. Patrick's day.
Paigey loves food and now loves the booster seat and utensils. 
21 weeks pregnant, after teaching zzzzzumba.


Rachel said...

Awesome sauce!! glad everything went well with Paige's surgery :)

Natali Jolley said...

You look teeny tiny itty bitty! Adorable kiddos and a hot to trot, don't smoke pot MAMMA!

Allen Family said...

Congrats! Glad that your sweet little girl did well during surgery. You have cute little kids.

The Gibbs said...

you are disgustingly small for 21 weeks. i'm hating you right now just a little bit.