Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hiking, Baby and 2 Cute Kids

 Lately Carson has been wanting to have "sleepovers" in the middle of the day on our living room floor.  He lays dish towels down first, then his pillow, and then asks me to tuck him in under all the blankets.  He has been bringing his plane (from grandma m.) and a flashlight.  He is so funny.  He goes between sleepovers at Oregon Grandpas' and Red truck Grandpa.  Don't be offended Grandmas he just loves his dad and his grandpas the most.  Paige of course can't miss out on all the fun. 
Here is me and the fetus after teaching a class.  I was smaller before class, but after I can't hold him in :)  The sign says, "23 weeks...He finally moves"  I still don't feel him a lot, but when I lay on my stomach there is some kicking.
We attempted another hike this week.  Me and the kids are about to retire and send Dad by himself.  It was really hot and uphill and we both carried a kid.  Not a big deal except Paige is 26 pounds and Carson is 34.  It was a valient effort...for the second hike in a row though we couldn't find the indian ruin :(