Thursday, September 1, 2011

My baby has a jacked up head

-Little baby Paige is now 7 months old
-She weighs about 21 pounds
-She is ssoooo smiley. 
-Paigers is getting to be a professional army crawler and sits up like a champ. 
-She loves to eat, especcially big kid food like crackers or whatever we are eating.  She loves applesauce too.  -The last week of 2 she has had a terrible cold and cough.  For a few days and nights it was pretty rough.  Lots of coughing, not sleeping, and wanting to be held.  She seems to be just about over it now.
-She has also decided she is just not that interested in nursing.  Danny says it is because sometimes she just wants a refreshing drink, not thick mama milk. 

So, she was born with torticollis.  A muscle on one side of her neck is too tight so he always looked to the right.  We would try to turn it the other way and it would bounce back.  As a result of her always looking right, she always laid on that side and flattened it.  It kind of shifted her whole head and face.  I really don't see it, but many a people have commented. Her torticollis is getting tons better.  It approved a lot on it's own and then we do some exercises with her. We took her to SLC to see a specialist and he said she need a helmet.  On a scale of 1-10 he gave a 7 or 8....yikes.  Then when we went to get the helmet fitted the did a bunch of measurements.  I asked him if it was bad and he said she was off by 1 cm.  I thought that wasn't much but he said the worst he had ever seen was 2 cm. 

They made a cast of her head so they can make the helmet.  I will post pictures of the final product soon!


Rachel said...

She sure has a dang cute jacked-up head! hope it all goes smoothly!!

Kalee and Mike said...

Welcome to my world!!!! It's not as bad as I thought it was going to be. It is so worth it!!! My little girls head is now back to normal for the most part:) Just wait...... You will get soooo much attention for this helmet. it's crazy! Good luck with everything:)

Tricia said...

Makayla had torticolis too. We took her into baby therapy at 3-4 months old and it helped tonz. We also did exercises at home and it went away quick. Babies bounce back so fast. Paige is darling. Love you!